The Ego Takes Credit and Blame

A little boy sat comfortably, quite content and pleased with the world, while his grandfather pushed his buggy uphill in the sprawling beautiful park. The gentle old man had a lot more love and good will than energy as he struggled upward. “What are you doing, young fellow?” I asked the boy. “I’m doing my […]


A man had squandered his wealth for several years. He neglected his family, health and well being. Friends and relatives had tried to help him but he continued on his downward spiral. “After all our efforts he has not budged one bit and I know he is suffering too,” a close friend acknowledged sadly. “When […]


“How is it that many people react with anger and resistance to the message of sages?” a visitor asked. “When you’re in deep sleep and someone attempts to wake you up, you’re quite likely to be rather annoyed,” the sage answered. “Many people, after years of contact with you, still seem to have such difficulty […]


DISCLOSURE Some of the visitors found the sage’s teaching on God and human identity powerfully inspiring, deeply challenging and rationally contradictory. One day, as they discussed the role of a sage, a visitor said, “A sage is someone who shows what human beings are capable of becoming, isn’t he?” The sage was quick to correct […]


Francis’ second book is being launched in Mumbai, India in early July. Published by de Mello Publications, the book is a companion volume to his first one, A Dewdrop in the Ocean – Wisdom Stories for Turbulent Times, which was published last year. While the first book dealt with the themes of Awareness in daily […]

The way we live

An American friend of mine who was familiar with India, travelled with a friend of his who was visiting the country for the first time. His friend, who had brought with him a bunch of books, set out to read throughout his journey. He missed the scenery, the colours and sounds, the noise and bustle […]


In some of his conferences, Tony de Mello would most unflatteringly tell his listeners: “Most human beings are already dead. Some people are 3/4 dead, getting decomposed. In fact they already stink.” Then looking at the shocked expression on some of the faces, he would continue, “I know it is a hard thing to say […]


A tourist visiting a place of breath-taking beauty makes frantic efforts to capture every moment and every scene on his camera. He spends all his time shooting everything he sees, and from various angles, knowing that it is a rare opportunity that may never come again. And he hopes to review, edit and enjoy the […]


A seventy-five year old man was as unconscious of his age as an eighteen year old. He came home one cold day muddy up to his knees. His grand daughter was concerned. He explained, “I was crossing the creek to see about the cow. Earlier I could jump it clear and easy but now every […]


Changes are exciting when they are along expected or desirable lines. But they don’t always do. Life doesn’t follow our own well written script where everything happens at the “right” time, where nothing goes wrong and we live happily ever after. Changes always call for some readjustments. What is most difficult is that they come […]