A high school teacher was quite intense in his speech and attitude. After listening to the sage for a while he realised, “I want peace more than anything else, but I see how disturbed I am in life. It’s as if wherever I turn something upsets me: I turn on the TV or read the […]


A visitor, distressed by many painful life events, was searching for peace. He had tried religion, meditation and psychotherapy, but none of that had helped. He wanted to get away from it all and be at peace. “Your conflict is between what is and what is not,” the sage explained to him. “You are trying […]


“Whenever I sit in meditation, feelings of past hurts appear. Or it is anger I feel, or fears of all kinds,” a woman said. “Can you teach me a meditation that will get me away from those messy feelings and find peace?” “Meditation does not open escape routes for you, but closes them. Instead of […]


A woman said that she had been on the spiritual path for several years. At times she was filled with the terror of the consequences of the path she was walking. “For the first time I am seeing that my husband and I are not on the same wavelength. I am seeing that our marriage […]


“How is it that many people react with anger and resistance to the message of sages?” a visitor asked. “When you’re in deep sleep and someone attempts to wake you up, you’re quite likely to be rather annoyed,” the sage answered. “Many people, after years of contact with you, still seem to have such difficulty […]


One day there was an animated discussion about the religious preacher who was on television, newspapers, radio, everywhere. One of the visitors said he was amazed at how the preacher had an answer for every question, an advice for every person and was never at a loss for words. In response, the sage told them […]


One of the abiding mysteries of human relationships is how people who can hardly stand each other still remain married or in some such relationships. There may be abuse, discord, and distance leading to suffering to one or both parties. Yet the relationship seems to withstand it all. Here is a story that may throw […]


The Ocean in the Dewdrop by Francis J Padinjarekara was launched by Fr Peter McVerry S.J., at Avila Centre, Donnybrook, Dublin on Sept 2. There was a large gathering of more than 150 guests who came from all over Ireland and outside. Introducing Liz Dillon, the facilitator for the evening, Fran O’Reilly spoke about the […]


A religious leader who had lived his life in strict accordance with his teachings and principles was intolerant of other people and their failures. He was convinced that there was no saving grace in other religions and even for the ‘renegades’ in his own. He would make outrageous statements about those he condemned. “I can’t […]

Book Launch in India

Francis’ second book, The Ocean in the Dewdrop, was released in Bombay at Granth Bookshop on July 9 by Dr. Francis X. D’Sa, S.J. , the preeminent Indologist and scholar of cross-cultural studies, and the founder/director of the Institute for the Study of Religions, Pune. The author was delighted to have his friend and former […]