Peace Comes from Facing Reality

A visitor, distressed by many painful life events, was searching for peace. He had tried religion, meditation and psychotherapy, but none of that had helped. He wanted to get away from it all and be at peace. “Your conflict is between what is and what is not,” the sage explained to him. “You are trying […]

The Ego Takes Credit and Blame

A little boy sat comfortably, quite content and pleased with the world, while his grandfather pushed his buggy uphill in the sprawling beautiful park. The gentle old man had a lot more love and good will than energy as he struggled upward. “What are you doing, young fellow?” I asked the boy. “I’m doing my […]


The sage was injured in a car crash and had a leg in a cast. One of his visitors asked, “Are you suffering like everyone else or are you somehow spared all that?” “There is pain but no suffering,” the sage replied. They were intrigued. The sage explained that his body was like anyone else’s. […]


The sage was known to be compassionate to people who suffered. At the same time he refused to help those who would not do their part to resolve their problems. He would be direct and unsparing in his responses to them. “Sometimes compassion comes in the form of a kick in the rear,” is how […]


A woman said that after many struggles and heartbreaks she was finally happy. “I wish I could keep it this way and never lose it.” “Try not to possess it, only let it be present,” the sage suggested. “The shores don’t own the ocean, nor the river banks the water that passes between them. Happiness […]


“How can I be a successful leader?” a young CEO asked. “By being fully present.” “Does that mean I have to be everywhere and micromanage?” “That would be impossible and inadvisable,” the sage responded. “Being present is first of all being with yourself. Then you’ll see clearly, truly understand and act courageously.” ( (Francis J […]


A high school teacher was quite intense in his speech and attitude. After listening to the sage for a while he realised, “I want peace more than anything else, but I see how disturbed I am in life. It’s as if wherever I turn something upsets me: I turn on the TV or read the […]


“Whenever I sit in meditation, feelings of past hurts appear. Or it is anger I feel, or fears of all kinds,” a woman said. “Can you teach me a meditation that will get me away from those messy feelings and find peace?” “Meditation does not open escape routes for you, but closes them. Instead of […]


The Ocean in the Dewdrop by Francis J Padinjarekara was launched by Fr Peter McVerry S.J., at Avila Centre, Donnybrook, Dublin on Sept 2. There was a large gathering of more than 150 guests who came from all over Ireland and outside. Introducing Liz Dillon, the facilitator for the evening, Fran O’Reilly spoke about the […]


Summer time and children are out of schools. Many parents face a frequent plaint from their kids , “I’m bored!” Both the parents and the children seem to believe that it is the former’s job to keep them stimulated at all times. And many parents engage in various pirouettes and performances to keep them entertained. […]