A man in his thirties said throughout his childhood and teenage years his fights with his angry and authoritarian father had made life miserable for him. “Deal with your father wound,” the sage suggested. “Otherwise your conflict with your father will taint your other relationships too.” The man smiled in recognition because he was having […]


The sage was injured in a car crash and had a leg in a cast. One of his visitors asked, “Are you suffering like everyone else or are you somehow spared all that?” “There is pain but no suffering,” the sage replied. They were intrigued. The sage explained that his body was like anyone else’s. […]


The sage was known to be compassionate to people who suffered. At the same time he refused to help those who would not do their part to resolve their problems. He would be direct and unsparing in his responses to them. “Sometimes compassion comes in the form of a kick in the rear,” is how […]


A man had squandered his wealth for several years. He neglected his family, health and well being. Friends and relatives had tried to help him but he continued on his downward spiral. “After all our efforts he has not budged one bit and I know he is suffering too,” a close friend acknowledged sadly. “When […]


A high school teacher was quite intense in his speech and attitude. After listening to the sage for a while he realised, “I want peace more than anything else, but I see how disturbed I am in life. It’s as if wherever I turn something upsets me: I turn on the TV or read the […]


One of the abiding mysteries of human relationships is how people who can hardly stand each other still remain married or in some such relationships. There may be abuse, discord, and distance leading to suffering to one or both parties. Yet the relationship seems to withstand it all. Here is a story that may throw […]


DISCLOSURE Some of the visitors found the sage’s teaching on God and human identity powerfully inspiring, deeply challenging and rationally contradictory. One day, as they discussed the role of a sage, a visitor said, “A sage is someone who shows what human beings are capable of becoming, isn’t he?” The sage was quick to correct […]


The Irish launch of THE DEWDROP IN THE OCEAN – Wisdom Stories for Turbulent Times was held at the Irish Writers’ Centre, Parnell Square, Dublin on August 27. The function was attended by over 120 friends, family and well wishers from all parts of Ireland and a few even from outside the country. Dr. Ronnie […]


One day, when speaking on awareness in daily living, the sage narrated a parable. “After many miles of driving a car, a man heard some unusual sounds from the engine. He turned up the music so he would not be disturbed by those sounds. When an indicator light flashed red, he had it disabled. On […]


A DEWDROP IN THE OCEAN – Wisdom Stories for Turbulent Times by Francis J. Padinjarekara was launched at Juhu Granth Book Shop in Mumbai on July 3, 2009. The launch was made by Prof. Dr. Francis X. D’Sa, the eminent Indologist and a close friend and former professor of the author. In a most inspiring […]