We are happy and blessed to bring this new meditation to you that is powerfully healing and transforming. This is how we plan to proceed: We’ll begin with an awareness exercise to help us to be present in our bodies, and to lead us into the spirit and atmosphere of the evening. Francis will speak […]

Awareness Meditation: THE HEART OF LIVING

All our meditations and other spiritual practices have borne fruit only when our hearts open and we bring them into our daily living. So our work, relationships, values, problem-solving, in short every aspect of life becomes heart-based and loving. In these challenging times, it’s more important than ever to be guided by the wisdom of […]


Being hurt or wounded in some way is a common phenomenon in our daily living. Some of these are quickly forgotten while others are carried for longer periods, even an entire life time. Wounds of the past and the resentments we carry affect our peace, happiness and well being. Forgiveness transforms us as well as […]


Self-compassion is the heart of mindfulness. It is the warm-hearted presence to ourselves especially during the difficult moments in our lives. Self-compassion enables us to admit our shortcomings, motivate ourselves with encouragement, forgive ourselves when we fail, and be more fully ourselves. Self-compassion is strongly linked with emotional well-being, lower levels of anxiety and depression, […]

Awareness Meditation: YOUR INNER SANCTUARY

The capacity for aloneness assures us of a stillness that can be found only within the recesses of our own depth. Awareness makes it possible for us to contact and befriend that depth so that the inner space becomes for us a sacred sanctuary of peace and rest. For where we discover ourselves deeply is […]


“When you are in love you find yourself looking at everyone with new eyes; you become generous, forgiving, kind-hearted, where before you might have been hard, and mean,” writes Anthony de Mello. “Inevitably, people begin reacting to you in the same way and soon you find yourself living in a loving world that you yourself […]


Of all footprints That of the elephant is supreme; Of all awareness meditations, That on death is supreme. (Buddha, shortly before his death) Those who are fearful maintain a distance from death only to be given a crash course in the end. Those who are free, or wish to be, approach death with increasing fearlessness […]

Mindfulness Meditation: THE LIGHT THAT IS WITHIN YOU

Human beings everywhere search and long for the Light. We are frequently frustrated and settle for less than that especially when we seek it everywhere except in the most obvious place where it is finally found. Continuing to live in the darkness of unawareness is the only cause of suffering in our lives. Awareness invites […]

Mindfulness Meditation: OPEN YOUR HEART

Life can be harsh and difficult and contains many experiences of pain, loss, and suffering. In our attempts to protect ourselves from the inevitable suffering and harshness of life, we may close or harden our hearts. Our efforts to avoid vulnerability to sadness, loss and pain, lead also to the loss of our sensitivity to […]

Mindfulness Meditation: STILLING THE RESTLESS MIND

Most of us find it difficult to be still for any length of time. The mind is often unquiet, restless and even agitated and our efforts at meditation and daily life activities are foiled by its wanderings. Mindfulness offers some helpful ways to tame the mind so that we minimize its interference in our intentions […]