Anthony de Mello was an extraordinary psychotherapist. Not only did he found an institute that has trained a large number of therapists, he also made powerful interventions in the lives of people through his practice of what he called spiritual counselling. What accounted for the profound changes in people was his ability to combine the skills of therapy with the power of Awareness or mindfulness.

Continuing his legacy and following the same approach to human suffering and transformation, De Mello Institute offers psychotherapy, learning experiences and growth opportunities for individuals and groups for a variety of problems and life issues.

This is psychotherapy with a difference: We combine the best of what modern psychology has to give with the deepest that the perennial wisdom of spirituality offers in order to guide you towards the peace and happiness that you long for. We offer a number of programmes and services that, through insight, understanding and skilful interventions help resolve the difficulties and problems you encounter.

Here you will see that psychotherapy is neither painful nor shameful but an experience of growth and understanding that sets you free to find happiness in the present moment.