Mindfulness Meditation: THE LIGHT THAT IS WITHIN YOU

Human beings everywhere search and long for the Light. We are frequently frustrated and settle for less than that especially when we seek it everywhere except in the most obvious place where it is finally found. Continuing to live in the darkness of unawareness is the only cause of suffering in our lives. Awareness invites more »

Too Nice for Your Own Good

Bookings for this facilitated workshop, in the Boyne Valley Hotel, Drogheda, are now open.

CHETANA- Living Awareness

He was nine when I first met him. Not if his life depended on it could he be quiet. I saw him in the hall full of life, laughing, distracting the other children while he waited for me his teacher to come. I knew I had a difficult child on my hands and wondered if more »


Freedom was a very gradual process, beginning with the birth of my youngest child. I was introduced to Louise Hay, Susan Jeffers, Deepak Chopra and spiritual healing. After years of reading and attending workshops I realised I had much knowledge but no freedom. Not one bit of what I had read or understood was evident more »


Awareness has the power to transform our lives. All our mindfulness meditations and spiritual practices are of any value only as they lead to profound changes in our life. That has to show in our daily living, work, relationships, in our attitudes and emotions. It has to lead to peace and happiness in our lives. more »